Pro Plan
Design of promotional items for Nestle Purina's premium pet food brand Pro Plan. Projects include a travel water bottle, a kibble roll and a food bin.

Product Design
Client: TBA
Product design of an enclosure for an innovative electronic mobility product.

Coca Cola sports bottle
Client: ELITE
The Coca Cola World bottles celebrate the history of Coca Cola and its move towards a sustainable future. The design is a hybrid between the much appraised Orb bottle and classic coke can, redesigned for metal blow molding with novel shapes and detailing. The graphics are expressive and informative, showing current plastic ocean pollution levels. These bottles thus tell a story of limiting plastic bottle waste by using recyclable and reusable bottles.

Atmos steam iron
Client: Philips Design
This concept proposal for a new steam iron served to inform and inspire a new line of steam generating irons by Philips Design. Next to an innovative form evoking a sense of utter simplicity, the iron embeds some unique interaction features. Steam is generated not by a button but can be carefully controlled by rotating the handle much like a motorcycle throttle. Temperature is set by a mousewheel which lights up to indicate the current temperature, and informs the user when it is not in the correct position. Another feature are the extending legs which lift up the iron to prevent burning or to hook into the base station. The base contains a touch screen to quickly toggle between your favorite settings.

Eagle XF drone
Client: UAV America
After several concept design cycles, a streamlined and compact design was developed for the embodiment of the Eagle XF, a commercial drone with lightweight carbon frame and a diameter of almost 2 meters.

Client: Microsoft Research
Fida is an interactive orb that serves to record a special message for someone that you don't feel comfortable telling him or her in person. Because it is a very valuable message, you can only store one message at a time, and listen to it only once so you need to pay full attention to what is being said. To add to the expression, you can make the orb emit light in the color that you prefer.

Commel Fluxline
Form design of a new line of extension cords, in accordance with the brand identity. Since cost reduction was of prime importance, the amount of parts and product dimensions were minimized to reduce manufacturing and shipping costs. A simple transparent strip covers LED lights that indicate whether or not the product is turned on and how much power each outlet is using.

Hello Kitty Lamp
Client: BaseNL
Manufacturer: Pentas Moulding
3D modeling of the first Hello Kitty designer lamp, as envisioned by BaseNL and to be produced through rotational moulding.

Doorhandle design for Colombo, based on an organic, fluid aesthetics. A silicone overmolding with a silky texture on the back adds an unexpected sensuality to the object.

Napkin holder
Client: Umbra
Napkin holder with innovative design language.

Client: TU/e
Development of a silicone bracelet with a digital activity planner for children in the autistic spectrum. This project involved user research, product design, interactive prototying and interaction design and gained good feedback both from the autistic community and experts/caregivers.

Client: REHA Group Automotive
Design of a steer-mounted control unit for disabled car drivers.