Concept Development

Every new product needs a vision, and requirements from multiple stakeholders need to be determined before the creative process can start. This is a phase of creative exploration and research:

  • Research into intellectual property, socio-cultural trends, human factors, and manufacturing
  • Program of requirements
  • Mind-mapping and brainstorming
  • Idea sketching, ink-on-paper or digital
  • Mock-ups with paper prototyping, cardboard modeling, clay modeling, or 3d printing
  • Interactive prototypes, on-screen or by incorporating electronics
  • User-centered design methods such as scenario-based design
  • Concept analysis and selection
  • Concept visualization through illustrations or photorealistic 3D renderings

Product Design

When your design has been established, it can be further refined towards production. This stage includes:

  • Shape optimization - proportioning, surfacing
  • CMF (Color/Materials/Finish) specification
  • User interaction design
  • DFM (Design for Manufacturability): Creating a detailed 3D model with the right surface divisions and features, integration of OEM parts, assembly, and packaging
  • Prototyping: 3d printing, CNC milling, RTV silicone casting


Designsoul professionally takes care of your visualization needs:

  • State-of-the-art 3D product renderings ready for publication
  • Basic 3D animations with professional render quality
  • Basic product photography for items up to 20cm in size
  • Illustrations of products, user scenarios, diagrams, in various different possible styles

3D Printing

Designsoul has a special interest in 3D Printing. Extensive knowledge and experience has been gained by creating numerous items, both for prototyping and end use, with several different materials and 3D printing techniques. We can offer:

  • Design of 3D printable items for end use
  • Optimizing 3D models for 3D printing, such as file conversion, wall thickness optimization, hollowing out objects, structural reinforcement, mesh repair
  • Ordering 3D prints according to your wishes
  • Unique customizable objects with your name or logo on it, see the page Custom 3D Prints