Designsoul is a creative studio with a heart for designing beautiful products that can uplift the quality of life. Its ideal is to bring about maximum transformative impact through simple but disruptive innovations that can be spread to a wide customer base. This we aim to realize through:

1. Aesthetics. The beauty of a product lies not only in how it looks, but also in the form of its relationship with the end user. What constitutes beauty is different for everyone, and as designers we aim to establish an aesthetic throughout the entire user experience that will fulfill the userís desires and that expresses your brand identity.

2. User-centered design. The interests of all stakeholders involved in a product creation process are very important, but the end user is who will mostly determine the success and further evolution of the product. Because people do not beforehand know what they truly want, designers need to invest time in deeply understanding the end user.

3. Smart construction. Wherever possible, the construction of the product as well as the supplier network will be selected so as to minimize manufacturing and distribution costs. This way you can keep product costs and time-to-market low.


Designsoul acts as the creative integrator of all information leading to a new product. Often there are only a few key insights that can make or break the product, and it is the job of the designer to find, understand, and make manifest what can be called the soul of the product.

It is advisable to explore different options, which will be done through initial creative explorations in the form of sketches or rough Ďdesk modelsí. This is a hands-on, Ď99% practice - 1% theoryí process. The most interesting ideas make it through and will be condensed into a small number of concepts. These concepts will be visualized and analyzed in order to verify that they meet the various requirements. If necessary to verify the potential of the concept, prototypes can be created either as form models or as working interactive prototypes.

This creative cycle can be iterated until a satisfactory result has been reached, after which the final product will be detailed out. Designsoul has the ability to convert the hardware design into files that can directly be sent to the manufacturer, as well as to create professional marketing collateral through state-of-the-art product renderings and/or basic animations.


Ralph Zoontjens

Ralph Zoontjens (1984, Tilburg) is a product designer with Bachelorís and Masterís degrees in Industrial Design from Eindhoven University of Technology. He has professional experience in consumer product and mobility design and a special interest in 3D printing and grassroots innovation.